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L.I.V.E.'s Dedication

The objective is to contribute and sustain adequate resources and tools for children and their families in our communities. L.I.V.E. utilizes all resources to give the proper tools to children in order for them to become successful, productive adults. 

L.I.V.E.  Outreach is always looking for ways to better their environment and resources. All ideas are welcome, valued and appreciated. Please email

How to Help

L.I.V.E. is grateful for those that take the time out of their day to think about others. Our organization is constantly growing and is always in need of volunteers, donation and other tangible items that help. You can send monetary donations via Cash App or PayPal. The L.I.V.E. Outreach wants to thank you for all you do.

The L.I.V.E Outreach strikes again.jpg

L.I.V.E. Acronym


(L)earn to

(I)nnovate while creating


(E)xtraordinary people

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